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POP-A-BUMPER provides the tools, training, point of purchase displays and support necessary to make your POP-A-BUMPER experience profitable!

With over 250,000,000 registered vehicles in the United States, the automotive repair industry is a 265 billion dollar a year industry. It is estimated that at least 2 percent or 5 million vehicles on the road today have this sort of bumper damage, with new bumper damage occurring daily. At $89.95 per repair this represents a $450 million dollar market.

Currently, there is no repair solution for this type of damage, and we believe the patent pending method and design of the POP-A-BUMPER system will dominate this market, and scale to match other current 'quick repair' solutions such as windshield repair, and paintless dent removal.

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POP-A-BUMPER is interested in hearing from any strategic partners and or service centers interested in participating in the great market potential of this much needed service. For more information contact:


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