Bumper Repair Newtown Square

Save the environment and your cash! Most repair centers will simply replace a damaged bumper without attempting to repair it. Not at POP-A-BUMPER! We will save you money by repairing your damaged car bumper instead of replacing it.

Takes only 30 minutes

While you wait

Just $89.95 per corner

Pop-A-Bumper is a new method to repair car bumper damage. We have developed a system that removes dents from bumpers and returns them to like new condition. It is much faster, cheaper, and more convenient than most auto body repair shops. Give us a call and find out about our patented technique of bumper repair.

If you have been in a fender bender and need bumper repair Newtown Square Pop-A-Bumper is your solution. We are much more affordable then getting a replacement bumper and can repair the damage while you wait.

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Every year MILLIONS of bumpers are thrown away,
POP-A-BUMPER can reduce the impact on our landfills and environment...

Repair Don't Replace

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