Bumper Repair Montgomery County

Damaged bumper? POP-A-BUMPER is the solution that avoids the high costs of a traditional auto body repair. Don't spend thousands replacing a bumper when we can repair it!

Takes only 30 minutes

While you wait

Just $89.95 per corner

If you have ever been in a fender bender you have probably learned that getting a bumper repaired can be very expensive. Traditional auto body repair techniques don't work on today's plastic bumpers and so you are normally forced into paying to replace the bumper. If you had a minor dent in the bumper you might have even decided to leave it instead of spending thousands.

Pop-A-Bumper grew out of the need for a cheaper and less wasteful approach to bumper repair. Instead of replacing the bumper we use patented tools and techniques along with a little heat to pop out dents. If you need a bumper repair Montogomery County give us a call and find out how much more affordable and convenient our service is compared to others.

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Every year MILLIONS of bumpers are thrown away,
POP-A-BUMPER can reduce the impact on our landfills and environment...

Repair Don't Replace

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