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Save yourself money by repairing your car's damaged bumper instead of replacing it. Your wallet will thank you. POP-A-BUMPER is a new way to repair your car's bumper without the costs associated with traditional repairs.

Takes only 30 minutes

While you wait

Just $89.95 per corner

Bumper repairs can cost a lot more than you might expect. This is because often a service center will not even attempt to repair the bumper but instead replace it. Pop-A-Bumper's motto is "Repair, Don't Replace!" Our technique "pops" the dent out of your bumper and in most cases returns it to like new condition.

If you are in need of bumper repair Media, PA give us call. You will find our service to be faster, cheaper, and much more convenient than traditional bumper repairs. Our professional technicians use a proprietary set of tools and techniques to repair your car's bumper.

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Every year MILLIONS of bumpers are thrown away,
POP-A-BUMPER can reduce the impact on our landfills and environment...

Repair Don't Replace

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