A revolutionary new way of repairing de-formed bumpers!

POP-A-BUMPER is the perfect solution for people who want to spare themselves the embarrassment of ugly bumpers, yet don't want to spend a $1000 or more to fix it!

Takes only 30 minutes

While you wait

Just $89.95 per corner

POP-A-BUMPER's patent pending method uses tools designed specifically to repair your bumper without damaging the painted surface. Our trained technicians can restore most bumper damage to like new condition. Not all bumpers can be brought back to 100%, but for most people, 90% is good enough!

WARNING: The improper use of heat can damage your cars bumper and paint beyond repair. Don't trust just anyone to Pop your bumper, leave it to the professionals at

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Every year MILLIONS of bumpers are thrown away,
POP-A-BUMPER can reduce the impact on our landfills and environment...

Repair Don't Replace

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