Bumper Repair Chester County

POP-A-BUMPER is the perfect solution if you want to repair a damaged bumper but also avoid the high costs of a traditional auto body repair.

Takes only 30 minutes

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Just $89.95 per corner

Bumper repair in Chester County is expensive! If you have damaged your bumper and gotten a repair estimate you might have been shocked by the price. Even minor bumper damage can cost thousands of dollars. Why is this? Well, most bumpers are made of plastic and the common approach to repairing a bumper is to simply replace it with a new one.

We have developed Pop-A-Bumper as an alternative to this wasteful and expensive practice. Instead of replacing the bumper we use proprietary tools and techniques along with just the right amount of heat to restore your bumper. Often we can return a damaged bumper to 100% like new condition.

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Every year MILLIONS of bumpers are thrown away,
POP-A-BUMPER can reduce the impact on our landfills and environment...

Repair Don't Replace

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